What People Are Saying...


“I wanted to get to you first to tell you how GREAT everything you wrote was.
Thanks for all your help and terrific work. Bravo!!”

William Ross (Musical Director for the 79th Annual Academy Awards).


“Congratulations!…Your music is very well-received by the reviewers, the public and the development team.
No one seems to tire of the music. That is a testament to the composition and the implementation.
Both are needed to win the interactive underscore game. Thank you for delivering the goods.”

Ken Felton (EA Audio Director for THE GODFATHER Video Game)


“Ashley is one of the most exciting and versatile composers I have encountered.
His multiplicity of talents make him unique and place him at the forefront of his profession. Ashley is an important and original force.”

Bill Miller
(Academy Award-winning co-producer of HAPPY FEET, BABE and the MAD MAX/ROAD WARRIOR Trilogy)


“Ashley proved to be an enormously talented and first-class composer who could produce high quality work in very limited time.
WILLING & ABEL broke new ground in TV series in this country [Australia] and a great deal of credit must go to Ashley.”

Lynn Bayonas (Former Executive in Charge of Drama, NINE NETWORK Australia and Co-Creator of WILLING & ABEL).


“Ash, you’re still the best! Wouldn’t dream of doing the show without you.”

Bill Conti (Emmy award-winning Musical Director for the 75th Annual Academy Awards).


“I was extremely happy with the orchestra.
It sounded wonderful and it was your participation and leadership that really made it work.
Congratulations on a great job! Thank you again for your beautiful orchestrations, and for helping to make this production the success it was.”

Barnette Ricci (Director of Show Development, Buena Vista Distribution Special Events
after the World Premiere of THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME at the Superdome, New Orleans, LA.)


“Your Tattaglia piece is one of my favorites and after hearing it for the 1000th time it still seems fresh,
as does the great majority of the music in the game.”

Andre La Velle (EA Music Director for THE GODFATHER Video Game).


“Ash, this was your show and you did a great job as usual. Thanks again.”

Bill Conti (Emmy award-winning Musical Director for the 70th Annual Academy Awards).


“Ashley’s work is imaginative, powerful and disciplined.
His ability to follow a brief and expand upon it with uniqueness and quality is highly valued by us
and we would have no hesitation in recommending him to other film and television producers.”

Michael Caulfield (Head of Development, BEYOND INTERNATIONAL GROUP).


“The music Ashley provided for the series was brilliant.
I consider him to be one of the finest composers in the international television industry.”

E.D. “Ted” Roberts (Producer& Co-Creator of WILLING & ABEL).


“Ashley has created with Roland and, in particular Mr. Iketaro Takehashi, the [worldwide] President of Roland,
on product design for studio application. His advice is highly valued by Roland engineers.”

John Egan (Managing Director, ROLAND Corp. Australia).


“The greatest day for Axis Films was when Ashley showed up at my office.
We were a new production & distribution company in search of a composer. Ashley was a joy to work with.
His creativity and dedication to excellence added a dimension to the Axis Films that made them unique in a genre that, all to often, thrived on mediocrity.
His tireless devotion to quality made each film distinctive. I made a lifelong friend and the audience some exceptional musical experiences.”

Andrew Garroni (Producer, AXIS FILMS).


“For the Channel Nine drama series ALL THE WAY,
composer Ashley Irwin has produced an extraordinary soundtrack that would have guaranteed him a swag of hits back in 1966
and he has done so by going back to the old-fashioned way of making records.”

-    Brian Courtis (Journalist, TELEVISION EYE).


“Thanks for the great work on the TOKYO DISNEY SEAS project.
‘MERMAID’ sounds great and the Japanese [clients] were really happy with how the music turned out.
Our American producer-buddies were really happy as well!”

-    Joe Alfuso (Music Director, TOKYO DISNEY SEAS Theme Park Production).